Breast Implant Revisions: What Are The The Warning Signs?

Breast Implant revision

Breast implants are a popular choice for many women who want to improve their appearance. 

However, sometimes a woman may be unhappy with her results after the initial surgery. If this is the case, she may need to have revision surgery. 

Breast implant revision surgery is a common procedure, and it’s important to know the signs that you may need one. Here are five signs that you may need a breast implant revision.

5 Signs That You Need a Breast Implant Revision

1. Your breasts look asymmetrical.

One of the most common reasons women opt for breast implant revision surgery is because they are unhappy with the symmetry of their breasts.

This can be due to some factors, such as uneven skin elasticity or stretching, changes in weight, or even the way that your implants settle over time.

If you notice that your breasts look asymmetrical, it may be time to consider a breast implant revision.


2. You have developed capsular contracture.

Capsular contracture is a condition that occurs when the scar tissue around your implant begins to tighten, causing your breasts to feel hard and look unnatural.

This is considered to be one of the complications of breast implants, and it’s something that you should watch out for.

If you develop capsular contracture, you will likely need to have revision surgery to correct the problem.


3. Your implants have ruptured.

According to Dr Ong Wei Chen, a renowned female plastic surgeon from WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, if your implant has ruptured, it’s important to have revision surgery as soon as possible. 


If you suspect that your breast implant has ruptured, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical advice. A ruptured implant can result in pain, changes in sensation, and altered breast shape. Your doctor can diagnose whether you require revision surgery.


4. You feel pain or discomfort.

Breast implants are not meant to be permanent, and over time they may begin to cause pain or discomfort. This is usually due to changes in your body over time, such as pregnancy or weight gain/loss.

If you experience pain or discomfort from your implants, it’s important to consult with your doctor to see if revision surgery is necessary.

5. You simply don’t like your results.

Sometimes, a woman may not be able to pinpoint any specific reason why she’s unhappy with her breast implants.

If this is the case, she may still opt for revision surgery simply because she wants to improve her results.

If you’re unhappy with your breast implants but can’t seem to figure out why it may be time to consult with a plastic surgeon about revision surgery options.

What Can You Expect After A Breast Revision?

You can expect to feel some pain and discomfort after breast revision surgery. This is normal and should not alarm you. 


It typically takes several days to a week for your body to fully recover from the procedure, during which time it will be important to rest and avoid strenuous activities. 


You may also notice some bruising and swelling around the affected area, as well as changes in sensation in either or both of your breasts.


In addition to these physical side effects, you may also experience emotional side effects such as feelings of sadness or anxiety. This is often the result of changes in body image after breast revision surgery. 


It is completely normal to feel disappointed about these side effects, but you must seek support from family and friends or professional counselling services if your feelings are overwhelming or interfering with your daily life.


Overall, you must follow your surgeon’s instructions closely after breast revision surgery so that you can recover as quickly and smoothly as possible. 


With proper care and attention, you too can enjoy the improved appearance and confidence that comes with having beautiful, healthy breasts.


Revision surgery is a common procedure and there are many reasons why you may need one. If you are not happy with your breast implants, it is important to talk to a female plastic surgeon about your options for revision surgery.


These are just a few signs that you may need breast implant revision surgery, but ultimately, only a board-certified plastic surgeon can give you the best advice for your case.

Don’t be shy about expressing your concerns and desires about your breast appearance; after all, it’s your body!